Birmingham’s Black History Month has become an important feature of the City’s event calendar since the mid-1990s. As the most diverse Core City in the UK, Birmingham holds its diversity dear and the City Council is mindful of the need to reflect on its development, to learn new and inspiring stories, and include as many people as possible in considering the impact of black history on our identity in the 21st Century.

Throughout October, residents and visitors will be able to take part in various cultural activities. It will be a month of celebration, with vibrant and uplifting content, and a great opportunity to explore Black history and the relevance of Black contributions in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Congratulations must go to the partners and organisations involved in organising and co-ordinating the month’s activities across Birmingham. Our thanks, in particular, go to Blackstory Partnership, which includes PFG Consultancy, Inspiring a New Generation, Recognize Black Heritage and Culture and Mykal Wassifa Brown CIC, who have compiled an exciting programme of events including a spectacular 2 part launch event at the Legacy Centre of Excellence (formally The Drum, Aston) on Saturday 28 September 2019.

I am confident this programme will appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests and hope that 2019 will be another successful year for this important initiative.

Councillor Jayne Francis