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As a society how can we celebrate Black History Month this year with the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 which continues to affect the entire world, socially and economically, alongside the death  of George Floyd which has caused disruption and unrest globally.

Covid 19 seems to be in hand by Governments and decisions to combat this deadly virus is ongoing. However for Brother George Floyd, he can be considered a Martyr. Over 400 years of hurt spilling out of us, we are  now unable to contain our hurt and anger. Every single moment of racism, suppression and injustice is coming back in waves of memory suppressed in every individual Black person.

Think about that for 1 second - suppressed memories are coming back and they hurt, they really hurt.

So what can we do to get peace, justice and celebrate each other? We have to start by having these painful conversations but with love and compassion for one another to bring about a change in institutional and overt racism once and for all. Let’s speak about the emotion of unrest.  Yes, it’s an uncomfortable conversation we now have to start having but it’s got to happen. No more scaremongering, it’s time for the truth, openness and Change.

Peace , Love & Unity!

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