Blackstory Partnership is a Birmingham-based collective that seeks to produce and promote high-quality arts, cultural events and activities that communicates an honest and well-rounded view of Black History using an innovative and diverse approach. This collective is a fusion between Audrey Hayles-Parkes (Inspiring A New Generation), Mykal  Brown (Wassifa CIC) and Garry Stewart (Recognize Black Heritage & Culture).

Our intention is to acknowledge, refresh and respect Black history, culture and narrative.  Reflecting on the struggles, triumphs, lessons and legacies in order to educate, empower and motivate current and future generations.

We would like to wish you warm greetings and we welcome you to Birmingham’s Black History Month 2021. We are 2 years into a global pandemic that is still providing us with challenges, disruptions and in some cases offering us a new normality.  Whilst Covid -19 continues to impact the world, once again, Blackstory Partnership has ensured that we are able to shine a ray of light on the achievements and developments of  the Black community in the city with the BHM launch and brochure for 2021. 

We have seen some amazing achievements as we pivot to a new way of working and we are keen to keep the focus on inspiring the younger generation with Black History.

We hope this brochure and the events organised across the city continue to inspire them not just in a historical context but also to engage them in apprenticeships in new creative industries as well as traditional academic subjects. 

Whilst the world continues to acknowledge the structural and societal challenges faced by Black communities, BHM is the perfect opportunity for all citizens of Birmingham to learn about cultural differences from other communities. Whilst these are difficult conversations to be had, this brochure aims to highlight to individuals, communities artists, singers organisations showcasing
Black excellence in all forms.

The summer of  2021 saw the England football team reach the finals of a major competition for the first time in 64 years, although this great achievement was tarnished after England lost the match.  The national team were jeered and were booed for for taking the knee at th begining of each match, as an anti-racist gesture. The three Black ‘young lions’ footballers, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Bukayo Saka, were all vilified on social media after missing penalties allowing Italy to win the competition. The European tournament with a global audience demonstrated why events such as Black History Month were created and are very much still needed…There is still more work to do.

In 2022 Birmingham will welcome the Commonwealth Games to the city alongside its wider West Midlands neighbours.  This is an amazing opportunity to welcome and showcase the city to the wider Commonwealth diaspora. There are many ways for Birmingham’s Black community to get involved economically and through the cultural programmes and volunteering.


Blackstory Partnership producers of Birmingham City Council’s Black History Month Brochure and Launch 2016, 2017, 2018,2019 and 2020 – 2022.