Councillor Saima Suleman

Cabinet Member for Digital, Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Birmingham is a welcoming city, proud of its rich diversity of cultures, people and communities. Our city’s diversity is, without doubt, one of our greatest strengths and Birmingham City Council is proud to support Black History Month each October. This is an important event that brings residents and visitors together to explore and celebrate the rich history and vital contributions made to our economy, arts, culture and society by Birmingham’s black communities. Our city has a long history of social action, with communities coming together to tackle social injustices, build great institutions and champion causes that change lives for the better. This community spirit and commitment to social justice was again evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, with communities, voluntary and faith organisations, businesses and active citizens coming together to provide vital support to those most at risk.

Black History Month provides a moment to reflect on the journey travelled: the moments of tragedy and struggle as well as those of triumph and celebration. It is also a moment when we reflect on the road still to be travelled, and renew our commitment to building a society free from discrimination, where every citizen has the opportunity to participate on the basis of true equality.

There is a myriad of activities taking place across the city, from small community gatherings in gardens to larger city centre events taking place at major cultural venues; something for everyone.

Browse the brochure and online information to find something to attend, enjoy, contemplate and most of all take part in, after all, we are stronger together.