This is the 8th year in succession that Blackstory Partnership CIC has produced Birmingham City Council’s Black History Month Brochure and this year’s content is like no other. A condense listing of events, exhibitions, programs and activities taking place throughout Birmingham while featuring empowering stories about individuals who for decades continue to advocate Black Heritage & Culture in respect of social justice, economics, education, health, welfare, and business.

Blackstory Partnership CIC’s year has been busy with its main successes being ‘Windrush Day 75th Anniversary’ event at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, main house on Windrush National Day of Observance.  With a full house of beautiful, colourfully dressed audience, the evening’s celebration was a major success and we thank Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities for its financial support and Birmingham Repertory Theatre for the level of support in kind received.

The event was live streamed to enable those that could not attend to join us in the celebrations online.

To view visit Blackstory Partnership CIC YouTube channel.

This year, Legacy Centre of Excellence is the proud producer of Birmingham City Council’s Official Black History Month launch event. The program includes live performances, spoken word, dance and speeches, followed by the screening of  ‘The Barrel Children’ produced by Nadine White.

We hope you find the contents of the brochure informative, exciting and look forward to seeing you at Black History Month launch event.


launch event

Saturday 30 Sept

Black History Month brings an opportunity to connect with the community and gain a deeper understanding of the contributions made by Black individuals throughout history.

Birmingham’s Black heritage and its citizens’ own stories will also raise awareness of the challenges and the perceptions that have restricted their access to opportunities, progress and participation in our society.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious about Black culture, join the launch event on Saturday 30 September, from 2pm and get involved with events throughout the month.

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As part of Windrush Day 76th Anniversary 2024, Blackstory Partnership CIC is seeking ‘Windrush Carnival Queen’ to lead the intended Windrush Carnival Procession and attend several engagements during Windrush week and beyond.